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Septic and Holding Tank Cleaning in Bracebridge

If you’re experiencing backed-up toilets or drains, unpleasant odours from your drains, lower flushing and drain flow and water or wet patches in your septic bed, you may have a septic tank malfunction. Don’t despair; contact Young’s Sweetie Service immediately for an inspection and diagnosis of your residential or commercial septic tank.

Clearing the Clogged Drains Bracebridge Finds

If you’re facing an emergency, like clogged drains, we offer 24-hour service. Contact our Muskoka septic service to have your tank cleaned today. But remember, even when you’re not in the midst of an emergency, proper maintenance of your system will save you time and money. Keep your contact information for Young’s Sweetie Service handy!


  • 24-hour septic tank and holding tank pumping and disposal

  • Holding tank cleaning

  • Septic tank inspections

  • Septic tank unclogging

  • Dual compartment pumping

  • Baffle cleaning

  • Written status report with receipt

  • Recall program – we can remind you when it’s time to pump your septic system

Testimonial from Satisfied Muskoka Cottage Owner

September 13, 2014, Mactier

“Tim is a hard-working, dedicated, and knowledgeable owner who provides reliable, prompt, and cost effective service. We called Young's Sweetie Service and Tim arrived the next day and fully explained his work. Highly recommend.”

Alicia and Emad Z. from Toronto

Let us remind you when you’re due

for septic tank pumping

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